Soneo cannot be explained in words, you have to experience Soneo!

Since 2007, the Soneo Foundation has organized the Soneo Dance Challenge, a national theater tour that combines dance competition and theater.

Every year more than 6,000 participants, and just as many audience members, enter the world of Soneo.

Soneo focuses heavily on the experience and is therefore more than just a dance competition!

Upon entering the beautiful competition locations, Soneo creates a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

During your entrance on the Soneo red carpet you are immediately surrounded by music, dance and images and you immediately realize that you are not at just any dance competition. You are at Soneo!

Here you create unique Soneo memories and record them for later, while you stand still for a moment in front of one of the many attractive photo backgrounds.

Soneo is proud of its permanent team of volunteers who have been at every competition since 2007 to warmly welcome participants and visitors and to guide them enthusiastically during the competition.

Social involvement is very important to Soneo. That is why the Soneo Grote Club Promotion was created to strengthen our team. An opportunity to give something back financially to parties that need it in a difficult time.

Participants and visitors often mention the spectacular Soneo competition stage in the same breath as Disney, De Efteling and Tomorrowland. This is due to the spectacular sets, impressive light shows and the chance of qualifying for the official world championships in Disney World, Orlando - Florida, USA

In the field of light and sound, Soneo goes much further than any other dance organization.

Soneo tours with the best professional light and sound people in the Netherlands. This means that every event has an extremely high level of quality.

This is the only way Soneo has been creating the oh-so-unique atmosphere since 2007.

Soneo, the Disney among dance competitions. Often copied but never equaled.